An analysis of mans treatment of horses

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An analysis of mans treatment of horses

An infection with Anoplocephala perfoliata, the most common intestinal tapeworm of horses. Experts in worm control, in a push to minimise increasing worm resistance, have been pushing for targeted treatments for parasites in horses rather than the traditional calendar-based approach.

Targeted selective treatment strategies use diagnostic tests to reduce drug use by treating individuals with worm burdens or egg-shedding levels above a set threshold. Faecal egg counts are the mainstay of this approach, but cannot provide a reliable indication of tapeworm infection in horses.

An analysis of mans treatment of horses

Dr Kirsty Lightbody and her colleagues, writing in the Equine Veterinary Journal, have described their success in identifying tapeworm infections in horses, and in doing so reducing drug use. The study team described their evaluation of the EquiSal tapeworm saliva test, developed by the firm Austin Davis Biologics Ltd, in horses in the care of Bransby Horses, a British equine welfare group.

Owners can buy a test kit for each horse. A saliva swab is collected and returned to the laboratory in a prepaid envelope included in the kit. Test results and recommendations are reported by email within three days of the lab receiving the sample.

The distinctive D-shaped egg of the tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata. The dark circles in the picture are air bubbles. Horses diagnosed as positive for naturally occurring tapeworm infection were given an appropriate dewormer according to weight.

The number of horses that received anthelmintic treatment based on the test results was compared with an all-group treatment approach and the reduction in drug use calculated.

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A total of incoming horses were also tested and the information used to inform quarantine treatments. Of the 69 horses that received treatment, seven required treatment following three subsequent tests, while more than half of the horses treated fell below the treatment threshold at the following test.

No increase in tapeworm prevalence within the horses was observed during the study despite a substantial reduction in the application of anti-tapeworm treatments, the authors reported. Six monthly ongoing testing of the horses would identify horses acquiring new tapeworm infections, allowing treatment at an early stage, limiting paddock contamination and exposure of the rest of the herd.

It would also identify those horses which may be more prone to reinfection.

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An analysis of mans treatment of horses

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with 22% and 17% of cases of colitis in adult horses and foals, respectively. Enterotoxigenic C. perfringens was associated with 19% and 29% of cases in adult horses and foals.

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Multivariable analysis of factors influencing outcome of 2 treatment protocols in cases of horses responding positively to intra-articular analgesia of the distal interphalangeal joint.

Kristiansen KK(1), Kold SE. Author information: (1)Willesley Equine Clinic Ltd., Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QU UK.

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