An analysis of the management systems of rohden ship management corporation

The key to manage cost efficient operations lay with successful sourcing of services and supplies, deep knowledge and experienced staffs combined with standardised processes and systems that are continually developed.

An analysis of the management systems of rohden ship management corporation

By Wendy Laursen But with Olav Eek Thorstensen assuming the mantle of Thome Group Executive Chairman, there is plenty of experience and management brainpower available to help the group grow and strengthen in the years ahead.

MarEx spoke to Nortun to find out what is occupying his thoughts as he leads the company forward. What challenges have been set for you at Thome?

The need for shipowners to cut costs is a never-ending theme of the market and with only 20 percent of owners using third party managers, there are plenty of opportunities to build on the scope of work and services we can offer our clients.

In some cases, owners are earning freight revenues up to 20 percent below opex — a factor which creates its own efficiency issues for them. This is where a quality ship manager can help, not just through his larger purchasing and administrative power but also through implementation of tried and tested processes and procedures in key areas such as crewing — recruiting, training and retention — as well as all facets surrounding the technical management of the ship.

As a company, we are focusing on organic growth. We want to keep our position as the premier ship management company and make sure we continue to enjoy healthy, sustainable organic growth.

Ship management is all about partnership with our owning principals, and it is important that the companies we work with share the same management ethos and the drive for quality that we as a group strive to deliver. Offshore service vessel owners need to cut costs by between 20 and 30 percent, which opens up further opportunities for the outsourcing of technical services to third party ship management companies like us.

So we see this ongoing situation as an opportunity. The shipping industry has its work cut out pushing forward the boundaries of vessel operational efficiency — a challenge that Thome is already meeting and will continue to meet.

Where will you make changes? Thome Ship Management offers full ship management services for vessels trading worldwide. We have a long history of successful management of all kinds of vessels particularly tankers, bulk carriers and container ships.

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The company was a pioneer in ship management and has a full suite of services it can offer its clients. It is a well-run organization. So I am looking to see where we can leverage our strengths so we can further develop them. To be more efficient, we are looking at what we are going to outsource and how we are going to scale the organization moving forward.

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We have a big presence in the Philippines, one we have had for a long time. We focus on crewing and purchasing there but may expand that further. Croatia is also a good source for officers, and we are looking at the feasibility of establishing a technical center there.

Additionally, LNG-fuelled vessel management is becoming more and more of a demand from our principals so we are planning to scale up that activity. What experience do you bring to the job?

Prior to joining Thome, I worked with DNV GL in a variety of positions where I gained wide experience in the maritime industry, specifically strategic development and governance of production, knowledge management and systems related to ship classification. What about the real you?

I was also looking after vessels that traded globally from a technical point of view, factors I believe will add a strong perspective to the job I am doing here at Thome.

Here at Thome, we have different nationalities in our staff, our crew and our principals, and I believe I have a good understanding of what it takes to manage them effectively and productively.Rohden Ship Management Corporation essay This paper focuses on Rohden Ship Management Corporation.

When it comes to shipping, excellent management is critical for efficient and safe shipping operations and it consists of two elements.

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When it comes to shipping, excellent management is critical for efficient and safe shipping operations and it consists of two elements.

These are technical and crew management. Rohden Ship technical management ensures that the ships are maintained; thus, they run without the possibility for breakdowns. The company CEO is Gerhard Rohden, and he commands 10 vessels, and this number is planned to be increased soon (Witt ).

An analysis of the management systems of rohden ship management corporation

There is a crew and maintenance team available for every vessel’s needs as well as different technicians servicing different departments. According to Suzie Lee,Georgia Tech Center for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) and A Mixed Portrayal In his bibliography of Alexander, Plutarch portrays some .

A ship manager must ensure that crew members of a ship under its management comply with Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeepers Convention (STCW). A ship usually needs port agent. The awarded Operation research in ships management toolkit (ORISMA) is offered to academia as a systems and procedures, ship management systems on shore, impact of new technology on present ship-owner and operator organizations, Analysis of the system sustainability and eco.

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