An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methods essay

A Literature Review Md Shidur Rahman Abstract The researchers of various disciplines often use qualitative and quantitative research methods and approaches for their studies. Some of these researchers like to be known as qualitative researchers; others like to be regarded as quantitative researchers.

An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methods essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative research methods Essay Sample Quantitative data is data in a numerical form- in the form of numbers.

An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methods essay

Qualitative data spans a range of material from the descriptions of social life provided by participant observation and unstructured interviews to information from written sources. Quantitative data is usually in the form of statistics.

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Questionnaires and structured interviews are typical methods used when gaining quantitative data, as the results are easily transferable to a numerical form. Qualitative data is associated with participant observation, it can include unstructured interviews, information from written sources such as diaries, autobiographies and novels, information focusing on descriptive aspects of social life, thus helping the researcher experience that portion of social life.

Quantitative data is usually objective, quantitative data is numerically and statistically based. The interviewer has particular personality traits, e. The social and psychological characteristics will be received and recognised in certain ways by the interviewee, and undoubtedly have an effect on their responses.

Qualitative data is not objective; the researcher has to adopt the values of the subjects, which will affect the data collected. By temporarily becoming or by pretending to become members of the group being studied it is easier to provide an accurate description of social life for that particular subject, unfortunately this includes adopting the values of the subject too, making the research void of objectivity.

An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methods essay

This approach is favoured by positivists, because of its scientifically natured methods. Quantitative methods can cover the wider population postal questionnairesthus meaning the research can be classed as Representative — sampling, the researcher can generalise results to the wider population.

The disadvantages to quantitative data are; the research fails to give an in-depth picture compared to qualitative data, which is rich with description. Quantitative data overlooks motivations, feelings, opinions, and attitudes of individuals who are carrying out the research and also those individuals participating in the research.

Low response rate, particularly with postal questionnaires, often occurs too. More essays like this:Selecting the best research method allows you to successfully answer a research question or test a hypothesis.

Missteps at the onset of the research process may derail an otherwise promising study. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative methods will . The Cons of Quantitative Research. Here are the main disadvantages of quantitative research: • Needs a Huge Sample of Population: In using this type of research, you need to find great numbers of correspondents.

The larger the sample of people, the more statistically accurate the outputs will be. disadvantages of using qualitative and quantitative research approaches and methods in language testing and assessment research. There is a focus on ethical considerations too.

Combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods has proven to be more powerful than a single approach (Sherif, ) and very effective (Lee, ). Triangulation is a process of using more than one form of research method to test a hypothesis (Brannen et al., ).

Quantitative research’s main purpose is the quantification of the data. It allows generalisations of the results by measuring the views and responses of the sample population.

Every research methodology consists two broad phases namely planning and execution (Younus ). In this assignment I will be talking about the key issues in Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences and focusing on two aspects in particular – Qualitative and Quantitative research.

I will be giving examples and opinions of these methods and pointing out advantages and disadvantages backed up by references.

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