Factors affecting supply and demand on money market

How is Gold Brought into India? India has very small gold reserves and it is dependent totally on the commodities market across the globe to meet the demand for gold. Why Gold Always Retains its Value?

Factors affecting supply and demand on money market

Supply schedule[ edit ] A supply schedule is a table which shows how much one or more firms will be willing to supply at particular prices under the existing circumstances. Some of the more common factors are: The basic supply relationship is between the price of a good and the quantity supplied.

Although there is no "Law of Supply", generally, the relationship is positive, meaning that an increase in price will induce an increase in the quantity supplied.

Factors affecting supply and demand on money market

For example, Spam is made from pork shoulders and ham. Both are derived from pigs. Therefore, pigs would be considered a related good to Spam.

8 Factors that Influence the Supply of a Product

In this case the relationship would be negative or inverse. If the price of pigs goes up the supply of Spam would decrease supply curve shifts left because the cost of production would have increased.

The firm might reduce its production of belts and begin production of cell phone pouches based on this information. Finally, a change in the price of a joint product will affect supply.

For example, beef products and leather are joint products. If a company runs both a beef processing operation and a tannery an increase in the price of steaks would mean that more cattle are processed which would increase the supply of leather.

The most significant factor here is the state of technology. Other variables may also affect production conditions. For instance, for agricultural goods, weather is crucial for it may affect the production outputs. The supply curve would shift out. Inputs include land, labor, energy and raw materials.

For example, if the price of electricity increased a seller may reduce his supply of his product because of the increased costs of production.

The market supply curve is the horizontal summation of the individual supply curves. As more firms enter the industry the market supply curve will shift out driving down prices. Government policies and regulations: Government intervention can have a significant effect on supply.

Supply function and equation[ edit ] The supply function is the mathematical expression of the relationship between supply and those factors that affect the willingness and ability of a supplier to offer goods for sale.

An example would be the curve implied by Q.Factors Affecting the Supply of and Demand for Money (Financial Economics) Levels: A Level; “Open market operations economy is created by commercial bank lending so the rate of interest ultimately does have a bearing on the supply of money; Key factors affecting the demand for money.

Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium in the Money Market

Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium in the Money Market. To reestablish equilibrium in the money market, the interest rate must fall to increase the quantity of money demanded. show how the Fed’s policy will affect the market for bonds. In Panel (c), show how it will affect the demand for and supply of money.

In Panel (d), show how. WORLD ACADEMIC JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & APPLIED SCIENCES-MARCH-SEPTEMBER EDITION International Journal of Business & Management SEPTEMBER VOL.1, No,7 Factors Affecting Effective Management of the procurement Function at Nakuru North Sub-County Arbe Bashuna Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Accepted 28 September .

Common Factors that Determine Gold Prices in India. For ages, the Indian population has had a fascination for gold. It is the most cherished metal, and it is flaunted in . These factors are government, international transactions, speculation and expectation, and supply and demand.

Tutorial: Economic Indicators To Know Major Market Forces. Total consumer debt continued to increase in the first quarter of this year, marking the first time since the recession that aggregate debt had grown for three consecutive quarters, according to the May Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit.

Factors affecting supply and demand on money market
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