How to write apps for android books

Android version history The name Andrew and the noun Android share the Greek root andros, which means man. Andy Rubin picked android. That eventually became the name of the company he founded, and the name of the operating system they developed.

How to write apps for android books

What is RFO Basic?

Let Writing Apps Ease Your Life

RFO Basic is a uniquely simple and productive development tool that can be used to create powerful apps for Android phones and devices. There's absolutely no easier way to program applications for Android.

RFO Basic runs entirely on your Android device. It's a tiny, self contained, on-device programming solution, which doesn't require any software installed on a desktop computer. For those who want the simplest possible deployment solution, there's a tiny free program for Windows which automatically creates APKs for you.

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No additional knowledge of the Android environment is required. RFO Basic is powerful. Although simple to use, it's no toy, but a practical tool for creating useful Android software. RFO Basic is supported by a friendly and knowledgeable community of active developers around the world.

It's regularly improved, with updates typically occuring several times a month. RFO Basic has useful built-in help for all available functions and language constructs, and several dozen complete example programs, immediately available directly on your Android device.

RFO Basic is ridiculously simple to learn and use. There are no deep programming language concepts to ingrain, there's no complex background knowledge to understand, no enormous desktop IDE to install, no unwieldy Android SDK to learn, no JAVA language cruft to muddy code, no app store approvals to request, or any of the typical hurdles encountered when creating programs for mobile devices.

There are dozens of concise functions to manage data, to control hardware, to interact with users, and to quickly complete many types of useful work.

RFO Basic is easy enough for absolute beginners and average computer users to operate immediately, but powerful enough for a variety of professional uses. You can treat it as a simple personal calculator or utility app for your phone, or as a full blown development environment to create marketable apps.

You can write quick scripts on your device to manage files, view and edit database info, process text, download web data, perform FTP uploads, take photos, process images, easily access voice recognition and other Android features, etc.

how to write apps for android books

Be aware that RFO Basic is GPL licensed, so if you release any commercial software which includes its code, you must also release the source.

Experienced developers and IT professionals will find that RFO Basic allows a wide variety of utility scripts to be developed and deployed in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks, and with a dramatically short learning curve.

RFO Basic can be picked up immediately by anyone who's used any form of traditional Basic. An entire community of developers and novice programmers can leverage their existing skills in this familiar and easy environment, to build useful mobile apps. If you're new to Basic or even to programming in general, don't fret.

RFO Basic is an extremely simple subset of other familiar Basic programming languages. You can read the entire API and the reference documentation in a single day. This tutorial will provide enough fundamental understanding, working code examples, and case studies to get you creating apps of all types, completely on your own.

It translates written text in the RFO Basic language syntax "source code" into apps which other users can run on their device. To get the free RFO Basic application, go to: Before going any further, give it a try.

Download RFO Basic and type in the code above to see how it works. It's extraordinarily simple and literally takes just a few seconds to set up. To benefit from this tutorial, it's critical that you type or paste each code example into the RFO Basic interpreter to see what happens.

10 Best Writing Apps and Tools

Several Simple Examples 3. Then it reads the contents of the "temp. Finally, it saves the edited text back to the file "temp. This tiny program is a real, useful notepad app that you can use to jot down and save important text information of any kind.The essential tech news of the moment.

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Technology's news site of record. Not for dummies. Bringing ebook creation to Android tablets. Book Creator for Android brings ebook creation to Android with the same simple interface that has made Book Creator for iPad a no.1 iTunes app in 60 countries.

With the app, you can: Add pictures from the Gallery, grab them from the web, or snap from the camera. Then move and resize them with your fingers. The Top 5 Free Apps that Help You Write Your Novel. Tweet; Buffer; Tweet. There’s an app for well, just about everything, nowadays. iOS and Android.

Hemingway is an editor’s dream app, designed to analyze text and highlight common writing slipups. This app helps you cut pesky adverbs, rephrase weak passive voice, simplify. Download the best Android Apps and Games on - The most popular Android APK and games for , the latest apps and games for Android APK.

how to write apps for android books

Nov 15,  · Fixed a bug that occurred with the filter of devices list in Mylink menu. Version = Performance improvement= • Fixed a bug that occurred with the filter of devices list in Mylink menu. The version history of the Android mobile operating system began with the public release of the Android beta on November 5, The first commercial version, Android , was released on September 23, Android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, and it has seen a number of updates to its base operating system since the initial release.

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