Legalizing physician assisted suicide essay

Should it be legalized? Essay - Paper Example Assisted Suicide: Essay Abstract The issue on whether or not assisted suicide should be legalised has been posted in every generation.

Legalizing physician assisted suicide essay

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The ethical dilemma of legalizing physician assisted suicide has been fought over for many years. Physician assisted suicide, which is different from euthanasia, is when terminally ill patients commit suicide facilitated by means of a lethal dosage of prescribed drugs which have been provided by a physician who has talked to the patient and is aware of how them plan to use them.

Merriam-Webster, In this paper, arguments in favour of physician assisted suicide are explored, as well, some arguments against are addressed and refuted.

The points which are analyzed are as follows; since the criminal code stipulates that it is a criminal offence to assist someone in committing suicide, a patient who is terminal and does not possess the ability to take their own life, this code then deprives these people of their section 7 Charter rights which states that everyone has the right to life and the right to take it away.

Secondly, when patients cannot confide in their physicians, it is much more likely for their family to need to aid in their suicide.

This then puts their family in grave risk of jail. Lastly, it has been quoted that many physicians already secretly assist some terminal patients in committing suicide.

Physician assisted suicide should be legalized in every country. Everyday many terminally ill people are faced with very difficult decisions regarding how they want to continue or end their painful life. When a person has come to terms with their decision to end their life and is unable to due to disability or sickness, they may Legalizing physician assisted suicide essay to turn to physicians in order to receive assistance in the termination of their life.

Legalizing physician assisted suicide essay

While at the moment in Canada physician assisted suicide is illegal, the controversy around the topic is of great debate. Many people and religious groups believe that it is wrong, no matter what your state of health, to end your life before it is meant to and to ask a doctor to aid them; while others think it should be up to the individual when and how they would like to end their life.

Physician assisted suicide can be appropriate and should be legalized for all people who are suffering from a degenerative, extremely painful, or fatal condition. The patients in this situation are being deprived of their right to life, their family and friends are faced with life-altering decisions in order to free their loved ones from pain, and many physicians already secretly aiding in suicide illegally.

Every individual has the right to life and in turn, has the right to deny it and when faced with illnesses that greatly increases their morbidity, one should be allowed to get assistance. In September of Sue Rodriguez, a year-old woman suffering from the terminal illness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS appendix 1appealed to the court to have a qualified physician legally aid in the termination of her life by abolishing section of the Criminal Code which states that it is a criminal offence to assist a person in committing suicide.

Rodriguez argued that even though it is illegal to assist someone in committing suicide, since she cannot do so without help, this law denies her Charter rights Smith, The Supreme Court of Canada in a five to four vote denied Mrs. Shortly after her loss in the courtroom inshe died by terminating her own life with the assistance of an anonymous physician.

At this point, Oregon was the only place in the world with a law legalizing physician assisted suicide The Oregon Health Authority, Since then, assisted suicide has been allowed in seven countries and states and is now being debated in New Zealand, Quebec, Australia and Britain Parkins, More importantly, the court has begun to agree with Mrs.

This was apparent in the case of Gloria Taylor, 64, who was dying of ALS and won a BC court bid to become the first Canadian legally allowed to choose a physician assisted suicide. Taylor did not end up using her exemption from the law due to an unrelated death from a perforated colon. She made a huge step in Canadian health care history towards legalizing physician assisted suicide.

Therefore the legalization of physician assisted suicide would give these individuals back their rights. Furthermore, for patients with terminal diseases, coming upon the decision to take ones life is often an agonizing one with many doubts and second-guessing, but it also comes with a relief from uncontrollable pain.

However, when these people are placed in the situation where they are incapable of taking their own life, and it is illegal to seek the help of a medical professional, they must turn to their family and friends for assistance.

This situation generally turns into a very traumatic event for their families, and also it may put them in harms way in terms of the law. In the end, Latimer was convicted of second-degree murder and went to jail, until recently.

Latimer could not stand to see his poor daughter be in these massive amounts of pain anymore, and it unfortunately cost him his life, for all intensive purposes.

However, he said that he does not regret it and would do it again. In addition, many physicians already illegally aid in the termination of their patients lives when in the presences of crippling disease and the legalization of this would put doctors out of risk of consequences like jail, the loss of their medical license, and it would allow them to keep their patients out of pain.

Allowing a person to suffer unnecessarily is an inhumane act and many doctors wish to relieve their patients from this pain.

However, fear of retribution sways their decision to break the law even though most want to.Essay on Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Words | 8 Pages.

Physician-assisted suicide should be a legal option, if requested, for terminally ill patients. For decades the question has been asked and a clear answer has yet to surface. Physician Assisted Suicide, Is it Right or Wrong SOC May 9, Physician Assisted Suicide, Is it Right or Wrong?

The ethical issues of physician-assisted suicide (PAS) are both emotional and controversial, as it ranks right up there with abortion. Some argue (PAS) is ethically permissible for. Furthermore, in the case of physician-assisted suicide, because the decision relies on the patient and not the doctor, physician-assisted suicide is less likely to become abused– the voluntary nature is the best protection of sliding down the slippery slope of abuse in medical practice.

He thinks that legalizing physician assisted suicide will damage any doctor-patient relationship. He indicates that neither autonomy nor the patient’s freedom, are the ethical principles restraining physician’s power but it is the power of human life itself.

Assisted Suicide Essay. ethics and legalities come into play. When discussing the everlasting debate over legalizing the practice of physician- assisted suicide I believe every patient has the right to choose between life and death if they can no longer benefit from standard methods of treatment.

The Legalization of Physician Assisted Suicide Of all the controversial topics to I could have chosen to discuss, the topic of physician assisted death is one that seems to be very taboo, even to date.

The Legalization of Physician Assisted Suicide | Essay Example