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Pay only for approved parts Netflix Research Paper Sample: Netflix movies and TV shows are an indispensable part of the leisure time and long evenings, especially in winter. Such great companies are not satisfied with the boundaries of the home country.

InNetflix started researching the international market in order to spread their product around the world. The Netflix research paper below provides the information about the problems and challenges that the company faces during the launch in India, such as the language barrier, the gap between economic health in USA and India, the issue of censorship, the catalog limiting, and the competition with Amazon on the Indian market of entertainment products.

Netflix frequently makes us binge-watch whole seasons of our favorite series on a loop. This activity is not really healthy or useful but, anyway, so satisfying. Doing homework is far more useful. On the other hand, it is far less attractive.

Sample companys challenge essay

If you like this Netflix research paper, you will certainly like other samples provided by our authors. You can order a research paper on any topic. Entertainment company Netflix engaged in the supply of serials and films of its production since over the past few years has gained incredible popularity in the United States.

Though it decided not to dwell on success in the home country and like any other giant of entertainment industry began to spread around the world. Thus, inthe company announced the promotion to markets of countries around the world and started fast integration even in such developing countries as India.

However, during the launch in this state, Netflix faced a lot of challenges related to the economic, cultural, and legislative aspects that significantly complicated this process. The most obvious of the difficulties encountered is the language barrier.

As in other countries, where Netflix decided to expand, in India, only a small segment of the population speaks English. For a company whose movies and series are almost entirely in English, this is not a very good sign, because viewers just would not understand the content provided to them and with a high probability would reject the proposition.

Of course, there is an option to connect subtitles, but until the company develops the program in the national language, the clients will not get a full experience from viewing. Another fundamental problem is the implementation and processing of payments due to underdeveloped infrastructure.

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The complications with payments were observed in Netflix, even in the United States, where people had issues with the cancellation of subscription due to the credit cards system, not to mention India, which is on another continent.

It turns out that the previous cooperation of the company with local partners, as well as the solution of problems with payment through phone billing or prepaid cards, are no longer sufficient McAlone. These two central issues already significantly complicate the integration of Netflix into the entertainment market of India.

The next challenge also belongs to the economic sphere. The thing is the pricing that Netflix decided to establish for its products and services in this developing country. Although under the terms of the agreement the company provides the first month of free use, which seems to be a seductive proposal that should attract a lot of subscribers, at the end of this period, few will want to renew the subscription at such price conditions Nayak.

Therefore, to make the services available to the masses, as the company seeks, it must conduct a reasonable pricing policy taking into account the economic characteristics of the region. Another problem affects the sphere of culture and raises the issue of censorship.

As soon as the launch of Netflix was announced on the entertainment market in India, the public often began to express concern about the prevalence and access to American programs and TV shows broadcast on Indian television channels. Of course, the company hastened to assure that when connecting to services through any available device, users will have the opportunity to install a personal PIN-code, for example, to restrict access to children.

Also, viewers have the chance to fill out a questionnaire so that programs are marked with the appropriate age rating. But despite these assurances, people have some misgivings. The next complication concerns technological development in a developing country. As known, to get an excess to Netflix and to have an opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits provided by its services, one need a stable Internet connection.

In the case of India, access to the worldwide network is problematic enough.

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In addition to the difficulties with access, it is worth noting that internet speeds in India are already quite low, which calls into question the possibility of broadcasting Netflix in this territory.

However, Netflix declares its readiness to adapt to the requests and capabilities of members of the developing market in which it operates. The catalog limiting is another significant challenge that does not allow Netflix to become an Indian leader in the sphere of entertainment.

For India, not all the movies, programs, and shows popular and highly-rated in the US are available.Personal Essay on Life Is a Challenge Is Life a Challenge or a Bed of Roses?

Sample companys challenge essay

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The next challenge also belongs to the economic sphere. The thing is the pricing that Netflix decided to establish for its products and services in this developing country. Here, the company made one of the biggest miscalculations, setting the tariff for India to the equivalent for the US one, not considering that viewers here simply can’t.

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