Soc untouchables

In Telkom embarked on a restructuring exercise. At the time, Mr Ketse Ketse was employed as a senior manager of the call centres. During the restructuring exercise, Telkom consulted with the four trade unions which it was required to do in terms of the collective agreement. Telkom did not consult with Ketse.

Soc untouchables

Horton was a member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, a weekly podcast which presented information on various issues related to the targeting of individuals via directed energy weaponry and other means. In August of this year the forum ended, a result of the decision of the other members, including Ramola.

I Soc untouchables not personally acquainted with any of the former members, including Horton, with the exception of Ramola. I will not include their names here, out of respect for their privacy. I am an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, journalist and government whistleblower.

I do not join groups. The readers may make of the material on this website what they will. As brief background, I have been a political Target of retaliatory counterintelligence operations for a quarter century and have Soc untouchables reports on the Internet exposing numerous perpetrators by name, sinceas well as on radio and video podcasts.

This report specifically addresses the defamation of Barbara Hartwell by one Katherine Horton, on her website and on video podcasts, which has recently come to my attention.

My purpose is to refute the false accusations with facts, of which Horton is clearly in short supply.

Soc untouchables

I had viewed a number of the podcasts of TCFF and made my own independent observations and analysis, on which I published a report on August 16, And I did observe the behavior of Katherine Horton, on more than one occasion, as openly advocating violence against specifically named persons, such as Gina Haspel.

The dropping of F-bombs accompanied these rantings. A Morality Tale http: I do not know Katherine Horton. Anything I have said, in writing, or on video with Ramola, was based on my independent observations and analysis of a very PUBLIC issue, that being the words and actions of Horton, in calling for unlawful violence, even murder, of public figures, while ranting, dropping F-bombs.

What I do see is that those associated with Horton will be tarred with the same brush of lawlessness, thus not in any way helping their cause, or serving the cause of justice. Katherine Horton defames Barbara Hartwell by listing my name in a section of her website, titled: Horton names Barbara Hartwell in her defamatory article which makes many false accusations against Ramola D: As for me, Horton has access to no information whatsoever about anything I have done — or not done.

It is simply a malicious, sensationalist fabrication, in an attempt to discredit me. Then, the most recent slander in a video podcast, titled: As usual, she drops the F-bombs liberally.

Horton begins with this statement: She is a bitch. This woman is off her rocker. And for which none of them has been able to produce any evidence, ever. You are against the crown corporation, my dear. As will become clear, Horton is putting words in my mouth, and making false statements about things I never said.

The flag displayed on my website is the Gadsden flag: The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike.

As used by me, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Vatican or CIA. Horton is clearly ignorant of the true symbolism and of American history.Oct 05,  · Though not in a class with Ice-T's or N.W.A's work, Hustlers is a sobering depiction of ghetto life in L.A. Violent, profane, and graphic, songs like "Another Execution," "Menace to Society.

[DUCC] DEPLORABLES UNTOUCHABLES CASTE "culture"—— ["D"] TULSI GABBARD [Hindu] + [Subud] Drug Smuggling Cults Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty Nov 7, . SOC Untouchables  Martin Lynch 7/12/ SOC Criminology The Untouchables The year is in the beautiful yet corrupt city of Chicago, Illinois.

The entire United States is right in the thick of prohibition and the face of the corruption leads directly to Al Capone. Capone has the entire city of Chicago in the palm of his hand. (Oriental Daily) March 7, When the trial of five men for the Mong Kok riot began in January, Wong Fung-yiu (nickname Grandma Wong) was banned from .

untouchables and socially considered an inferior class. They have had physical labour as a means of livelihood and from religious point of view all the principles and beliefs were laid down to humiliate and exploit them.

Untouchables, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. 11 likes. This web is about issues related to scheduled castes and other deprived sections of the society.

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