Stephen 20th century english poet novelist and essayist

At about the time of his birth, the family moved into a substantial house at nearby Lissoy, where Oliver spent his childhood. Much has been recorded concerning his youth, his unhappy years as an undergraduate at Trinity College, Dublin, where he received the B. His father was now dead, but several of his relations had undertaken to support him in his pursuit of a medical degree.

Stephen 20th century english poet novelist and essayist

She also wrote book reviews, biographical and autobiographical sketches, social and literary criticism, personal essays, and commemorative articles treating a wide range of topics. Concerned primarily with depicting the life of the mind, Woolf revolted against traditional narrative structures and developed her own highly individualized style of writing.

Although her brothers, Thoby and Adrian, were sent to school, Virginia and her sister, Vanessa, were taught at home by their parents and by tutors. Theirs was a highly literary family. Formation of the Bloomsbury Group Following the death of her father inWoolf settled in the Bloomsbury district of London with her sister and brothers.

Their house became a gathering place where such friends as J. Forster congregated for lively discussions about philosophy, art, music, and literature. A complex network of friendships and love affairs developed, serving to increase the solidarity of what became known as the Bloomsbury Group.

Here she met Leonard Woolf, the author, politician, and economist whom she married in Woolf flourished in the unconventional atmosphere that she and her siblings had cultivated. Financial Need Catalyzes Literary Output The need to earn money led her to begin submitting book reviews and essays to various publications.

Her first published works—mainly literary reviews—began appearing anonymously in in the Guardian, a weekly newspaper for Anglo-Catholic clergy. By the latter year, however, she was becoming absorbed in work on her first novel, eventually published in as The Voyage Out.

It involved nearly every European country and, eventually, the United States. About twenty million people were killed as a direct result of the war. Nearly a million British soldiers died similar losses were experienced by all the other warring nations.

They bought a small handpress, with a booklet of instructions, and set up shop on the dining room table in Hogarth House, their lodgings in Richmond. They planned to print only some of their own writings and that of their talented friends.

Leonard hoped the manual work would provide Virginia a relaxing diversion from the stress of writing. Successful Experiments This philosophy of daring and experimental writing is shown in her self-published works.

At the time of its publication, English women over the age of thirty had just finally received voting rights; it would still be another decade before women held the exact same voting rights as men. Where Woolf might have had difficulty finding another publisher for a book dealing with such a subject, access to Hogarth Press left her free to deal with whatever subject matter she saw fit.

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This freedom expressed itself more in stylistic terms in her following works. Dalloway takes place over the course of a single day and presents the thoughts of characters in a free-flowing way meant to mimic actual consciousness.

Circumventing Censorship in Orlando Woolf drew upon her own relationships in Orlando a book characterized by Woolf as a biography but by most readers as a novel.

The main character, who does not grow old and changes genders, is directly inspired by the female author Vita Sackville-Westa bisexual member of the Bloomsbury Group with whom Woolf had an intimate relationship.

Depression and Suicide Woolf fought an ongoing battle against depression for most of her life. Woolf had a second breakdown nine years later when her father died. A third episode of mental illness began early inbecame acute in September of when she attempted suicideand lasted into James was an American-born novelist who became a British citizen and was highly influential in both British and American literary circles.

Freud was an Austrian psychologist who founded the school of psychoanalysis and pioneered theories of the unconscious mind. Joyce was an Irish writer who is widely considered one of the literary giants of the twentieth century, particularly because of his master-work, Ulysses.

Mansfield was a prominent New Zealand modernist short-fiction writer. Eliot was an American-born poet and dramatist who became a British citizen at the age of thirty-nine.

He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in Faulkner was an American novelist widely regarded as one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in Simone de Beauvoir — In Woolf published her last novel, Between the Acts.

She suffered another emotional breakdown in February oflikely brought on by the escalation of World War II. After the horror of World War I, many people felt there could not possibly be another conflict of that type in Europe.

That Europe could descend into violence once again so soon after World War I shocked and saddened Woolf deeply. Works in Literary Context Stream of Consciousness Woolf grew up in an environment rich in Victorian literary influences. Proximity to influential writers of her day continued into her adulthood with the formation of the Bloomsbury group and creation of the Hogarth Press.English Novelist/Poet Victorian () Realist (mid 19th Century- early 20th Century) Naturalist () Notable Works: Far From the Madding Crowd, Stephen 20th century english poet novelist and essayist Abbott was an Should animal testing be banned essay English schoolmaster and theologian and best known for his mathematical satire Flatland ().

Virginia (Stephen) Woolf, –, English novelist and essayist; daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen. A successful innovator in the form of the novel, she is considered a significant force in 20th-century fiction.

Main Index page of writers, novelists, poets, playwrights and essayist in the 18th, 19th and 20th Century. Oliver Goldsmith: Oliver Goldsmith, Anglo-Irish essayist, poet, novelist, dramatist, and eccentric, made famous by such works as the series of essays The Citizen of the World, or, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher (), the poem The Deserted Village (), the .

thth century English novelist and poet, he was a Victorian realist who was influenced both in his novels and in his poetry by Romanticism, especially William Wordsworth.

- Like Dickens, he was highly critical of much in Victorian society, though he focused more on a declining rural society.

Stephen 20th century english poet novelist and essayist
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