The life and accomplishments of william livingston

He had nine brothers and sisters, all of whom wed and made their homes on the Hudson River near the family seat at Clermont Manor. Among his siblings was his younger brother, Edward Livingstonwho also served as U.

The life and accomplishments of william livingston

Far from being the weak, timid woman who stayed at home taking care of children as Elizabethan ideals demanded, she took to the streets and stage, making a spectacle of herself that earned both official opprobrium and not a little public admiration.

Mary was making a name for herself while she was barely out of her teens.

The life and accomplishments of william livingston

Born circa near St. Paul's Cathedral in London as the only child of a shoemaker and a housewife, she acquired a reputation as a tomrig tomboy or hoyden boisterous girl in her neighborhood. The Newgate Calendar—a series of 18th- and 19th-century criminal biographies named for Newgate prison in London—would later relate: She was a very tomrig or hoyden, and delighted only in boys' play and pastime, not minding or companying with the girls.

Many a bang and blow this hoyting procured her, but she was not so to be tamed, or taken off from her rude inclinations.

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She could not endure that sedentary life of sewing or stitching; a sampler was as grievous to her as a winding sheet [burial shroud]; and on her needle, bodkin and thimble she could not think quietly, wishing them changed into sword and dagger for a bout at cudgels.

She was arrested on August 26,suspected of having nicked someone's purse at Clerkenwell in central London. Two other girls were arrested for the crime as well, suggesting the three were working as a gang.

Though Mary confessed at the subsequent trial, she was found not guilty, and it wasn't long before she was busted again for theft: But Mary refused to make the trip: It's said that she jumped overboard while the ship was still in the harbor and swam back to shore.

After that, she resolved to never go near her uncle again, and began hanging out in the seedier areas of London. She made a decent living there as a pickpocket, and over the course of her career, reportedly had her hand burned at least four times—a then-common punishment for theft.

Soon, Mary's occupation led her to acquire a nickname: She was known on the streets as Moll Cutpurse, for the purse strings she slashed.


Moll was a double entendre: Not only was it a nickname for Mary, it also was a term for a disreputable young woman, e. It was around this time that Mary started wearing men's clothing, a practice she continued for the rest of her life.

Elvis Dwight Tumlinson. Elvis Dwight Tumlinson, born January 26, to Willard and Elizabeth Tumlinson passed away on November 11, in Livingston, Texas, at the age of 83 years. About the Signers of the Constitution. Connecticut • Delaware • Georgia • Maryland • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York • North Carolina • Pennsylvania • South Carolina • Rhode Island • Virginia. On September 17, , the Constitutional Convention came to a close in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Livingston's Central American exploits include anecdotes about the working conditions in the British mahogany camps, his repeated (but failed) attempts to desert his employers and head home on.

Although doing so was unusual, Mary wasn't the only woman of her day who wore men's garb; it was something of a fad among young, lower-class women who frequented London's theaters and brothels in the s.

These ladies, colloquially called Roaring Girls—a play on roaring boys, males who would holler at and bully passers-by—were also known to crop their hair and carry swords, as Mary did. But Mary's choice of clothing carried consequences—King James was incensed by the cross-dressing fad—and on Christmas Day ofshe was arrested and sent to Bridewell Prison.

She was tried for "wearing indecent and manly apparel.Early life. Livingston was the eldest son of Judge Robert Livingston (–) and Margaret William Livingston, was a signer of the United States Constitution.) Chancellor of New York Chancellor Robert R.

Livingston of New York, – William Livingston was one of the signers of the United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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He was a delegate from the State of New Jersey where he then served as its first elected governor. William Livingston, who represented New Jersey at the Constitutional Convention, was one of the new nation's authentic renaissance figures.

An accomplished man of letters, linguist, agronomist, and charter member of the American Philosophical Society, he was also a notable man of action, as attorney, soldier, and state governor.

The life and accomplishments of william livingston

The Livingston family contributed many able and devoted patriots to the service of America. Among these, William Livingston, Governor of New Jersey was conspicuous during thc Revolution. He was born in New York about the year , and was graduated at Yale College in he afterward pursued the study of thc law.

John Jay married Sarah Van Brugh Livingston, eldest daughter of the New Jersey Governor William Livingston and his wife, in The couple had several children. In addition to his wife and family, Jay also took care of his ill and disabled siblings after the death of their Sarah Livingston.

William Livingston (November 30, – July 25, ) was an American politician who served as the Governor of New Jersey Early life. Livingston was born in Albany in the Province of New York on November 30, He .

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