The process of writing and endorsing a check

Yet every fiction writer bases characters on real people.

The process of writing and endorsing a check

From the beginning, PolitiFact focused on looking at specific statements made by politicians and rating them for accuracy.

PolitiFact is run by the editors and journalists who make up the PolitiFact team. No one tells us what to write about or how to rate statements.

We do so independently, using our news judgment. The move allows PolitiFact to function fully as not-for-profit national news organization.

The longtime owner of the Times was Nelson Poynter, whose father had bought the newspaper in Poynter championed independent journalism and wanted to ensure that the newspaper remain locally owned and protected from chain ownership. So upon his death inhe left the newspaper not to his heirs, but to the school for journalists that now bears his name.

Nelson Poynter was also the founder of Congressional Quarterly, a news organization covering Congress in Washington, D. Upon retirement, that leader picks a successor.

the process of writing and endorsing a check

Our partner websites PolitiFact has several companion websites. PolitiFact runs PunditFact, a site devoted to fact-checking talking heads, as well as PolitiFact Florida, aimed at state-level fact-checking.

Other PolitiFact state sites are run by news organizations that have partnered with PolitiFact. The state sites follow the same principles as the national site.

Our funding In the years following our start, PolitiFact relied primarily on financial support from the Tampa Bay Times newspaper. Today, we receive support from revenue generated through content partnerships, online advertising and grants. InPolitiFact launched a membership campaign called the Truth Squad to allow donations from readers and fans of fact-checking.

PolitiFact does not accept donations from anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials or candidates seeking public office, or any other source we would consider a conflict of interest. PolitiFact does not give donors, advertisers or grantmakers any influence over content or ratings.

Our contracts and grant agreements have clauses asserting our editorial independence. Our ethics policy for PolitiFact journalists PolitiFact seeks to present the true facts, unaffected by agenda or biases. Our journalists set their own opinions aside as they work to uphold principles of independence and fairness.

See a list of our current journalists and their biographies. As part of that effort, PolitiFact journalists avoid the public expression of political opinion and public involvement in the political process.

We avoid expressing political views on social media. We do share news stories and other journalism, but we take care not to be seen as endorsing or opposing a political figure or position.

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We avoid snarky commentary. We may participate in the political process as voters, because we also have responsibilities as individual citizens of the United States.

But we keep our votes to ourselves as a matter of principle. Our goal is to be open-minded in all of our work. This policy applies to full-time staffers, correspondents and interns. We avoid doing anything that compromises PolitiFact or our ability to do our jobs with independence and fairness.

How we choose claims to fact-check Each day, PolitiFact journalists look for statements to fact-check. We read transcripts, speeches, news stories, press releases, and campaign brochures. We watch TV and scan social media. Because we can't feasibly check all claims, we select the most newsworthy and significant ones.

About one-third of the facts we choose to check come from reader ideas. In deciding which statements to check, we consider these questions: We avoid minor "gotchas" on claims that are obviously a slip of the tongue. We select statements about topics that are in the news.

Without keeping count, we try to select facts to check from both Democrats and Republicans. At the same time, we more often fact-check the party that holds power or people who repeatedly make attention-getting or misleading statements.

Our on-the-record sourcing PolitiFact uses on-the-record interviews and publishes a list of sources with every fact-check. When possible, the list includes links to sources that are freely available, although some sources rely on paid subscriptions.After last week’s article many of you asked about a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners: is widely used in the low carb community to satisfy sugar cravings or simply add a touch of sweetness to a hot beverage or dessert, but should it be?

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