Utc selling fuel cell business plan

Demonstration Ford Escape E85 flex-fuel plug-in hybrid. As ethanol FFVs became commercially available during the late s, the common use of the term "flexible-fuel vehicle" became synonymous with ethanol FFVs.

Utc selling fuel cell business plan

The firm "currently has approximately employees and they are all part of this acquisition, which covers both the stationary and transportation businesses," according to a UTC spokesperson in an email today.

Details of the terms or structure of the acquisition were not disclosed. Neal Starling, ClearEdge Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, would not comment on the terms of the deal, but did say, "This acquisition will help solidify our position as a leading provider of cost-effective, clean, continuous, distributed power solutions.

The acquisition also creates in ClearEdge somewhat of a fuel cell industry powerhouse.

utc selling fuel cell business plan

The fuel cell runs on natural gas, propane, or methane and can export excess heat for hot water, forced hot air, or hot-water cleaning.

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut also have aggressive state incentive programs. Starling verified this number today. ClearEdge might be able to outperform batteries and other fuel cells, but the problem is that the real competition is the grid and diesel gen-sets.

And few if any fuel cell vendors have proven that they can go head-to-head with those incumbent technologies on a per-kilowatt-hour basis.

Fuel cells can be distributed and do have less emissions.

Natural gas is cheap. Fuel cells have benefited from state and federal subsidies, or in the case of Bloom -- Delaware ratepayer bill subsidies.

The justification for renewable energy subsidies is often debated in these pages. But in the case of fuel cells, even after incentives, the fuel cell is expensive compared to the grid or to a diesel gen-set.

utc selling fuel cell business plan

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The Promising Fuel Cell Tech

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UTC Power is a maker of large-scale phosphoric.

Major changes (62)

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