Vicky home work unit uv20453

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Vicky home work unit uv20453

Their old friend Dom Carpenter was asked to come out of retirement to upgrade the year-old suspension work he had done, while Larry also reevaluated what the engine choice would be.

From there he assembled the engine using Edelbrock aluminum heads, a tunnel wedge, and a dual-carburetor setup. The rest of the powertrain consists of a beefed-up C6 transmission and a Mark Williams rear with 4. Vicki wanted to keep the original vibe of the car intact, so it was redone to look as it rolled off the assembly line.

The journey from the date of purchase to its eventual completion spanned 32 years, of which 27 were spent dormant. Along the way, Vicki and Larry visited every place that was doing work on the car. That engagement ensured all the work was done to the highest level. Vicki and Larry Rahmer What: The original goal for the Fairlane was to install a race-prepped side-oiler.

All the original parts were gathered in the s and put on the shelf awaiting a rebuild. When the project started back up inLarry decided that building a full-blown race car was no longer practical. The value of all that original hardware had gone up exponentially, so it was sold off for a tidy sum to finance the new mill.

While the foundation was always destined to be a flavored powerplant, his focus was to build a tamer version of what he initially envisioned to run on pump gas. After doing some homework, he settled on a Robert Pond Motorsports Ford FE-style aluminum block as the foundation.

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He added a billet Crower stroker crank pushing it to ci. Billet Crower rods and Hardware for these heads consist of Manley stainless-steel valves, and PAC valvesprings and titanium retainers.

Vicky home work unit uv20453

Also installed was a factory reproduction tunnel wedge intake manifold and a pair of Quick Fuel Technology cfm carburetors and a factory reproduction dual-quad air cleaner. On the exhaust side, he went with a set of REF Race headers and 3. Larry did all the assembly work, while Automotive Machining Services in Schwenksville, PA, performed the machine work.

While the engine started as a clean sheet of paper, the C6 that came in the Fairlane is still in there today. Larry felt that it was up to the task of backing up the engine recipe he put together, so it was shipped off to Performance Automatic in Frederick, MD, for a full overhaul.

Part of that included an ATI 8-inch Treemaster converter. As with the C6 transmission, the rear housing is also original to the car. It was trimmed down to 37 inches in the early s when the car was initially back-halved.

As part of the update, Larry went with a set of Mark Williams spline axles and 4. The driveshaft is also a Mark Williams aluminum unit. The initial work on the rear half of the car was performed in the early s and employed what was being done at the time. By the time work started back up on the Fairlane, suspension technology had advanced, so Larry asked his longtime friend, Dom Carpenter, to update the work he had performed back in the s.

At the rear, a set of QA1 coilovers was installed, while the front has all new stock parts and a Total Control Products coilover kit. While it was an improvement over drums all around from the previous year, Larry brought the Fairlane into the 21st century with the installation of Wilwood calipers and disks at the front and rear.

The wheel sizes on the Fairlane are a throwback to the early days of it being back-halved. With the goal of building a streetable show car, Larry opted for some bling with a set of Weld Alumastar aluminum wheels for all four corners.

The body was remarkably solid, so it still wears all of its original sheetmetal. The only deviation is the lift-off vintage fiberglass hood that has been converted to work with the stock hinges.

Vicki wanted to keep the flavor of the car in this aspect as close to stock as possible, so she opted for a two-stage PPG Custom Turquoise shade that is very similar to the original Clearwater Aqua paint.Unit Resources.

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Vicky home work unit uv20453

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