Why marriage matters essay

Mother Earth Publishing Association, Like most popular notions this also rests not on actual facts, but on superstition. Marriage and love have nothing in common; they are as far apart as the poles; are, in fact, antagonistic to each other. No doubt some marriages have been the result of love.

Why marriage matters essay

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Lawrence Summary and Analysis D. In this essay Lawrence speaks about the importance of the novel and tries to establish the superiority of the novelist above other professions.

In an attempt to illustrate the importance of the novel Lawrence explains the importance of life and the living man. He says that the whole living man, the man alive, is more important than his thoughts, ideas, his mind, or his stomach or liver or kidney or any other parts of his body.

Lawrence says that this is what scientists and philosophers fail to understand. According to Lawrence a novel shows life and its characters are nothing but man alive. The novelist understands the importance of life and the man alive. Therefore the novelist is better than the scientist or the philosopher.

He calls it a funny superstition that people think of themselves as a body with a soul in it. The hand has a life of its own. It has knowledge and can think and act for itself. The hand is as much a part of the living man as the mind.

The pen held by the hand however is not alive. A man alive extends only to his fingertips. Lawrence says that whatever in a man is alive constitutes the man alive.

The hand, skin, freckles, blood and bones are very much alive and part of the man alive. The living body therefore must not be compared to inanimate objects like tin cans or clay vessels.

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Lawrence in this essay tries to explain why the novelist is better than the philosopher or the scientist and in order to do so he explains the importance of the man alive.

According to Lawrence the novelist possesses an intricate understanding of the man alive more fully than a parson, a philosopher, or a scientist. The parson speaks about souls in heaven and the afterlife. But for the novelist heaven is in the palm of his hand and the tip of his nose which are alive.

The novelist is not concerned about life after death. He is wholly concerned about life at present and with the man alive.

The philosopher speaks about infinite knowledge possessed by the pure spirit. But for the novelist there is no knowledge beyond what the living body can perceive. For philosophers nothing but thoughts is important. They are not alive. They are like radio signals floating in the air which are meaningless until they reach the receiver — a radio device that decodes the signals into a meaningful message.

But the thoughts nevertheless are not alive. It is only because the man alive receives them that they become alive. Only a man alive can be stimulated by thoughts.It was important to each groom to share the day with their family members, some of whom have recently grown to understand why marriage matters and fully accept Jonathan and Dwayne's relationship.

"People are coming to support us from all over the country, and it's a wonderful thing," Dwayne said.

Autumn 2000

Beyond the United States, same-sex marriage became legal in Britain, France, Brazil, Uruguay, and New Zealand during Ironically, however, the year also featured a countervailing trend—the rise of some of the most odious antigay legislation in history.

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For this paper, I examined the book "Why Marriage Matters" by Evan Wolfson. I never knew what all gay couples were not entitled to as far as it comes to marriage, and this book shows that many of things that à  normalà  married couples are normally entitled to, /5(1). It is a symbolic of reality that the whole story is like an orientation to a new comer in the office.

That is the reason why the author chooses to present the story in second person point of view. Marriage, a Backbone to Civilization Marriage matters.

Why marriage matters essay

If marriage did not matter, would it even be considered when growing up? The common child at some .

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